Deaf teen earns music scholarship


What makes music meaningful isn’t how it sounds but how it feels. No one knows that better than 18-year-old Autumn Greenlee.

Her talent on the viola makes her stand out, even though she says, she’s spent a lot of time trying to fit in.

“I’m sure when I play my instrument it sounds very different to me than it sounds to somebody else,” Autumn says.

You see, Autumn is deaf. When her parents found out, they were left with many questions.

“Is she going to be able to speak? Is she going to be able to have a job? Is she going to be able to do things that other children do?,” her mom Lisa Greenlee remembered.

“I did kind of feel left out and I did feel different, for sure,” Autumn said.

After surgery to get a cochlear implant, which gave her a sense of sound, music pulled her in like a magnet. 

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