Deputies pull woman from sinking car


Hillsborough County, FL (WFLA) – An emotional reunion took place between the woman stuck upside down in a sinking car off I-4 and her rescuers.

It was all hugs, smiles and a few tears Thursday morning as those three Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputies, the dispatcher and Amanda Antonio, all reunited after that daring rescue on New Year’s Day.

Antonio got a chance to formally thank and hug them for their heroic actions.

The dispatcher, the water rescue team and the first deputy on scene all said they are glad they were there to help save Amanda, but really they give her all the credit for doing everything right, including having the wherewithal to use her Apple Watch to ping her iPhone, which was under water.

They added that her staying relatively calm during the entire ordeal while on the phone with the 911 was a huge help.

Amanda said she listened to her emotional 911 call.

“The first time I listened to it, it was very emotional because I had flashbacks. I mean, I still have nightmares about it. The next day when I woke up I was like, ‘I’m in a good dream’ and when I was in the car I was like, ‘I’m in a bad dream and I’m going to wake up and the car is going to be out in the front.’ Listening to it was very emotional,” she said.

Amanda had borrowed her boyfriend’s brother’s car to get home from a New Year’s Eve party.

They’ve started a GoFundMe page to raise money to replace the car.

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