Dog chases owner after being abandoned at animal rescue shelter


MISSISSIPPI (WJTV) –  A heartbreaking video of a dog chasing after its owner in Jackson has gone viral on social media and officials are looking for the lost puppy.

A woman is seen in the video abandoning the dog outside of an animal rescue shelter at 395 Mayes St. in Jackson.

The woman appears to be in a light-colored SUV and she is seen leaving the dog outside the building after knocking on the doors of the Animal Rescue Fund.

No one answered the door, she drove away and the frightened dog then chased her vehicle, knowing she was inside.

Shelter officials say the owner didn’t have to abandon the dog the way she did.

“There are lots of ways to get someone to take on a dog that you don’t want anymore, other than pulling in the driveway and throwing it out and driving away,” Elizabeth Jackson said, who is founder & director of Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi.

“It’s a puppy,” she added. “He looks to me to be like five to six-months-old. He looks like a friendly little dog.”

Shelter officials describe him as a yellow lab and golden retriever mix puppy.

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