Dogs rescued from ravine


A pair of dogs are now safe after a few Good Samaritans in North Carolina banded together to pull them out of a ravine.

 After multiple tries and hours of work, the group finally rescued the dogs Tuesday after they heard them crying out from the brush in a Winston-Salem neighborhood Saturday.

 The group that pulled the dogs out of the ravine say that when they called Forsyth County Animal Control, officers told them they were not able to go down into the ravine to bring the dogs out.

 Lt. David Morris says the main missions of Forsyth County Animal Control are to protect the public and make sure animals are given adequate care, but the agency does not have the resources to conduct rescues on steep angles. 

 The dogs, named Blondie and Brownie are currently being cared for by the Forsyth County Humane Society. 

 Blondie is in good health, while Brownie has leg injuries. 

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