Driver ‘distracted’ in fatal autonomous Uber crash


According to a new report from the Tempe Police Department, the backup driver involved in March’s fatal self-driving Uber crash was streaming an episode of “The Voice” on Hulu on the time of the accident. 

 The car, being monitored by backup driver Rafaela Vasquez, slammed into Elaine Herzberg and killed her. Herzberg was walking her bike across a roadway outside of a crosswalk.

 Information obtained from Hulu shows Vasquez was streaming TV shows through the app for around three hours that night. 

 In their report, Tempe Police say Vasquez was responsible for taking control of the vehicle in the event of an emergency. 

 They added had she been paying attention to the road, they think she could have stopped the car 42 feet before the fatal crash.

 This case is now in the hands of the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office for review. It will bring forward any charges.

 Uber has shut down its self-driving operation in Arizona.

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