Elementary school students go viral for protecting flag

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HAYDEN, Idaho (WFLA) – Three elementary school boys in Idaho are getting nationwide attention after a picture of them protecting the American flag was posted online.

Amanda Reallan snapped the now viral picture earlier this week at Hayden Meadows Elementary School in Hayden Lake.

“I just watched the most amazing act of patriotism,” she wrote on Facebook.

Reallan was waiting to pick her children up from school when she saw three boys taking down the flag. She noticed they were having a hard time making sure it didn’t touch the ground. She then saw one of the boys lay down under Old Glory to prevent it from hitting the pavement.

NBC affiliate KHQ identified the fifth-grade boys as Naylan Tuttle, Jack LeBreck and Casey Dolan. The three keepers of the flag take the necessary steps each day to make sure the flag is properly folded and stored without ever touching the ground.

“This is our nation’s flag, this is our school’s flag,” LeBreck told KHQ. “It’s how we represent our country.”

Reallan posted the heartwarming picture on Facebook Wednesday. Since then, the post has been shared 10,000 times.

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