ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — When it comes to the new state mandate, businesses had two choices: require masks or require proof of vaccination. The LionHeart Pub and Brewery is accepting the Excelsior Pass as proof of vaccination.

“You walk in here, you open your phone, and open the New York State wallet app, and show it to someone. It has a PR Code on it. They can scan it, they can look at it, and it’s all set,” Sean McKenna, who has the Excelsior Pass.

Easy for patrons and businesses to use.

“It’s been an amazing resource for the whole process. Since COVID has come around. For the new policy, the new mandate, it’s been much easer. People have that app on their phone,” said Jerry Aumand, owner of the Lionheart Pub and Brewery.

A new, updated version of the app is available for New Yorkers to download. This will show proof of a booster shot or a third dose if you got one as well as information about the brand and batch of vaccine you’ve received. According to the New York State Department of health, you can visit to retrieve your new Excelsior Vaccination Pass Plus.

DOH said this works the same for all New Yorkers, not just those vaccinated at a state-run mass vaccination site.

Once on the site, you have to fill out the information that matches your CDC vaccination card.
If you are still having trouble, New Yorkers can also submit a record review request.

Aumand said, for his business, proof of vaccination was the best option under the new mandate.

“We have had an overwhelming positive response to people that have come and have actually had no issue with showing their vaccination situation, whether it be physical card, or the app, and have had much more of a positive response to the fact that they can come into an environment where they feel a little more protected,” said Aumand.