Florida schools consider armed volunteers


Florida’s Brevard Public Schools district is considering a plan to allow employees to act as armed, undercover guardians in an effort to protect against school shootings.

So far hundreds have already volunteered.

“Time is of the essence. It does take time to screen these employees; to select the right recruits; to train them before the fall semester starts,” say Matt Reed of Brevard County Schools.

The school board has yet to vote on training some of its staffers to carry guns on campus, but an initial step is a survey of 707 non-teaching staff members, including principals, assistant principals and support staff. 

267, or 38-percent of those staffers say they’re willing to be trained to carry a concealed weapon while doing their jobs at school.

School board member Tina Descovich says she favors having school guardians as long as liability and training issues can be worked out. Descovitch says says it will take three years to provide full time police officers at every school, and guardians could be a faster solution. 20-percent, or around 140, of the surveyed staff members have permits.

“That gives us good information to know that at least we have the staff that’s willing to do it,” Descovitch says.

Source: http://bit.ly/2F1xMxo

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