Four dead in Wisconsin plane crash


Four people are dead after a plane crashed near Wisconins’ Monroe Municipal Airport Sunday afternoon.

 The plane went down into an open field north of the airport. It then crashed into a wooded area immediately north of the open field, making impact with some trees at approximately 12 p.m., according to the Green County Sheriff’s Office.

 The plane was on fire and fully engulfed, according to first responders on scene. 

 The pilot had filed a flight plan out of Chicago and listed four people on board. There were no survivors.

 A witness who lives near the area told authorities they saw the plane on fire while it was still in the sky. 

 Green County Sheriff Mark Rohloff said the crash was caused by mechanical issues.

 “It is fortunate that the plane descending was witnessed, and that there was apparently some loss of power, loss of altitude, and there was fire that was observed,” Rohloff said.

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