Good samaritan makes sure wheelchair is returned to owner


A Detroit man went to incredible lengths to make sure a wheelchair was returned to its owner after being left behind.

The woman who owns the wheelchair was taken to the hospital, but her chair was left behind.

Throughout the night, a complete stranger went back to check on the chair to make sure nothing happened to it.

“I see three paramedics picking up a woman from this chair, putting her into a stretcher,” Kevin McDonald said. “They proceeded to take off. Once I dropped off my passenger, I came back and noticed that the chair was still there.”

McDonald returned to the corner to check on the chair all night.

“One o’clock in the morning, 3 o’clock, and each time I would go by, I would see the chair,” McDonald said. “This is an emergency to me because this person needs this chair.”

McDonald found some paperwork in the chair’s back pocket.

“She’s a veteran,” McDonald said. 

The woman’s receipt for the wheelchair was in the back, and her address was around the corner. It was a group home, and employees said they’d send someone out to pick up the chair. 

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