“Guitars 4 Vets” offers healing through Music


A Nebraska veterans group is helping its members heal using six-string therapy.

Every month members gather to learn guitar and jam and Bellevue University.

The Guitar 4 Vets program is music therapy for those dealing post-traumatic stress.

Joyce Thalmann spent 12 years – active duty – in the Army, through Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

For Thalmann, the guitar lessons not only developed her playing – but helped work on her people skills.

“It gave me a release outlet for when my anxiety gets going,” she said. “It helps calm me down.”

For Angela Tunali, who spent 20-years in the Army, her guitar is like medicine.

“I can go home where I’m almost having an anxiety attack – and I can just sit and play and get lost in the music for a while. And by the time I’m done, everything has lifted,” Tunali said. “It’s been a tremendous help for me.”

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