Handy smartphone hacks


There are some handy smartphone hacks you might not know about, including how to turn your phone into a metal detector or how to use the camera to measure your heart rate.

 Instead of using a pricey fitness tracker, a smartphone’s built-in accelerometer and free apps can count steps, distance and track sleep. A smartphone’s camera can also double as a heart rate monitor, using the flash to shine a light through your finger before detecting the data. 

 When it comes to digital health, both iPhone and Android now have built-in features to track screen time and set limits. There’s also a Do Not Disturb While Driving mode on iOS, which automatically mutes notifications to prevent distracted driving. 

 Add metal detector to the list of things your smartphone can do with a built-in magnetometer and a metal detector app. That feature also comes in handy as a stud finder. Once it finds the right place to hang your art, a smartphone can also make sure it’s level.

 Another tip: when you’re low on battery and time, turn on airplane mode for a high-speed charge. 

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