Hidden History: Fallout shelter found under school


(WFIE) – A piece of hidden history has been sitting beneath South Middle School in Henderson, Kentucky for decades.

School officials recently found survival supplies from the 1960′s in the old fallout shelter built under the building.

“In the mid-to late 50′s, 70 percent of Americans thought we were going to come under attack,” explains Principal Ryan Reusch.

The middle school was built in 1956 and was known as Henderson City High School. The building was built in the middle of the Cold War Era.

“It just really made you think of life back then, folks really thought, and we were close with the Cuban Missile Crisis, we were close to just nuclear war,” Reusch says, “and just trying to put yourself in that time, and so when you go underneath there and you see all of the different artifacts, its real.”

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