Hitchhiking kitten comes home


A Midwestern cat was able to unite strangers and make it home after hitchhiking 1,400 miles. 

 Gizmo the cat belongs to 3-year-old Addy, who lives in Whitehall, Wisconsin. 

 Last week, Addy’s Dad hauled a piece of equipment all the way to Kansas, and Gizmo, went along for the ride. 

 Later that night, the family got a call from the man who bought the equipment, asking if they were missing a kitten. 

Addy’s Mom shared their story on Facebook, asking her friends to help get Gizmo home.

 Two strangers saw the post, and decided to help. One person drove Gizmo halfway to Topeka, Kansas, where a woman named Nancy drove the cat straight to Kansas City. That’s where she met a man name Nolan who later drove Gizmo on his way home to Whitehall. 

 Addy’s parents say she is thrilled to have her furry friend home, and will not let Gizmo leave her side. 

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