Huge beehive buzzing on apartment deck in Florida


ST. PETERSBURG, Flor. (WFLA) – A St. Petersburg woman can’t go out on her second-floor balcony because a colony of bees has built a hive under her barbecue.

Thousands of the stinging insects are swarming her deck.

At first, Diane Dunlap thought there were wasps buzzing around her second floor balcony.  When she took the cover off an unused barbecue, she discovered they are definitely not wasps.

Nestled under an electric barbecue, a huge bee hive with thousands of insects is making her deck off limits.

A closer look reveals an active colony, complete with honey comb.

“We had seen them flying around out there but we thought they were coming from the woods,” said Dunlap.

Dunlap ditched her potted plants, hoping that would help.

“My son and I kind of threw them over, thinking they were attracting the bees, the wasps,” said Dunlap.

She even sprayed the area, thinking the wasps would vanish. Some bees died, but the colony survived, so Dunlap decided to have look under that barbecue cover.

“So I ripped it off Thanksgiving evening, got stung a couple of times,” she said.

That ended up not being a good idea.

“I was going ‘ahhhh!’ Like I was screaming… and my son was like, ‘what are you doing?’” explained Dunlap.

Jonathan Simkins from Insect IQ in Tampa said a bee-keeper should attempt a “live removal.”

The colony can be moved, but only if it is “re-queened”.

Problem is, he says the success rate is low.

A spokesperson for Bridgewater Place Apartments said a bee guy will be out on Tuesday to get rid of Dunlap’s bee problem. 

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