Hundreds of teeth found in building wall in Georgia


A strange find in the downtown Valdosta, Georgia in the wall of a building.

But it may not seem so strange when you find out what the building was used for.

Crews are working hard on renovating this building right in downtown Vladosta, the city says. They went to knock out a wall on the second floor and that’s when they found nearly 1,000 human teeth.

Now some say it’s a unique reason to come check out downtown.

The building is on Patterson Street, next to Bennie’s Alley.

Valdosta Main Street says since they were found staff have been digging into the building’s history.

While there’s no clear explanation they say it’s been here since about 1990 and was home to dentist offices for several decades. 

“There was a lot of time for those teeth to build up in those walls, a lot of dentists that were in there.”

The city now embracing the strange find, holding a giveaway on social media. 

One hundred downtown dollars for whoever can guess how many teeth are in the jar.

“We’re hoping that, if this just brings a few more people downtown, then it’ll be a win for all of us. They want to come down, they want to learn about the teeth, they want to see the building where they were found, and if they just come and hang out and buy a cup of coffee, that’ll be a win for all of us.”

Valdosta Main Street will be holding onto some of the teeth until this Friday when the contest will end. They they’ll be donated to the Lowndes County Historical Society where staff plan to do DNA testing to find out who the teeth belong to.

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