Judge orders inmate’s mouth to be duct taped shut during sentencing


An Ohio judge ordered a convicted robber’s mouth taped shut during his sentencing on Tuesday.

Franklyn Williams, 32, is accused of three armed robberies in the Cleveland area, WJW reports.

During a court appearance, Williams refused to stop speaking despite more than a dozen warnings from Judge John Russo. The judge then handled the situation by ordering deputies to tape the defendant’s mouth shut. 

Williams continued to speak as multiple deputies surrounded him, only stopping when a piece of red tape had been placed over his mouth.

“So when they put the tape over my mouth, I just felt so humiliated,” Williams told WJW. “I just felt like wow, it’s an abuse of discretion by the courtroom. Listening to the duct tape go pffffttttt, I still hear that at night.” 

So why didn’t he listen to the judge’s orders to stay quiet?

“Because the judge would not allow me to talk and get the things that I was trying to say on record. He would stop me before I would be able to explain anything on my behalf,” Williams explained.

The judge eventually sentenced Williams to serve 24 years in prison.

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