Lone cheerleader fires up fans


There’s no two, four, six, eight on the cheer team at Oakland, Maine’s Messalonskee High School…it’s more like one.

 “A lot of the girls on the team last year weren’t able to do it this year for personal reasons or they just didn’t want to,” says Kaitlyn Berthiaume.

 But Berthiaume wanted to cheer. So much so, she decided to go it alone.

 “I love it. I love the sport,” Berthaiume says. “So I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll do it. I don’t care if I’m standing there by myself.”

 There are a few things she misses about being on a big team.

 “I love stunting, you can’t really stunt with one person,” she says.

 Still, there are advantages to cheering solo on the sidelines. She was unanimously elected captain and she’s never out of sync.

 “There’s no one to compare me to so if I mess up, it’s just me, no one can know.”

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