Maine ‘Lobster Goddess’ forced to resign over pot post


“I was like, I’m so happy. This is so cool. I didn’t know I’d feel like this.”

On Wednesday, 18-year-old Taylor Hamlin was crowned the 2018 Maine Sea Goddess. She says the very next day, the festival took her crown away. 

“It wasn’t like they gave me a choice.”

Someone emailed the photos she had posted on social media to the Coronation Committee.

“She brought up specifically two things. Me holding a joint.”

And her holding a vaping device. 

“She made it sound like I was doing these terrible things that all these kids haven’t done before.”

This afternoon, the Maine Lobster Festival posted on its Facebook page to explain what led, to what they’re calling, the resignation of Taylor Hamlin as the 2018 Maine Sea Goddess.

“She is no longer able to fulfill her responsibilities. We wish her the very, very best.”

Organizers say the photos showed what they call “inappropriate behavior” and don’t reflect the image of the Maine Sea Goddess.

The festival president says Taylor signed this document and chose to resign.

“Taylor was forthright. She took ownership and responsibility which we appreciate. The decision was made by Taylor.”

Taylor says she was told she could keep the scholarship money and remain Sea Goddess until the close of the Maine Lobster Festival Sunday. 

“I was like, ‘So you want me to get up on the float and wave to all these people. And then the next day step down. I don’t think I can.. I don’t know if I can do that.'”

“It’s hush money if you ask me. I was like ‘You want her to keep this quiet. No. Taylor is a better person than that,” said Taylor’s mother Cindi Hamlin.

Taylor says she’s learned her lesson. 

“It’s not worth it. You might get a lot of likes. But it could ruin something that’s really important to you.”

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