Man’s best friend: Dog triggers rescue


A loyal dog has proven that she really is man’s best friend.

 Tow truck driver Martin Hall, Jr. was driving to a call along a remote dirt road near Coulterville, California when he found the dog blocking his way.

 Hall caught the whole story on his cell phone. He tried to feed the dog his peanut butter and jelly 
 and share his water but he had no luck.

 “That sucks this dog doesn’t come to me, dogs likes me sometimes,” said Hall. 

 The dog was in the middle of nowhere. Hall then saw some clues. 

 “There was a flashlight on the roadway and a trail here,” said Hall.

 As hall investigated the dog still wasn’t warming up. He decided to head out before he heard a faint yelling in the background.

 Hall walked closer to the yelling and then saw an elderly man laying in the dirt.

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