Massachusetts high school senior credits class for saving a two-year-old


High school senior Exsandrine Jean Marie is hoping for a future in the medical field, and her recent experience proves she’s on the right path.

The 17-year-old is taking a unique class at Medford high school learning about emergency medical care, including how to perform CPR, a skill that was pivotal earlier this month when Exsandrine was out shopping.

She jumped into action when a two-year-old boy appeared to have a seizure and stopped breathing.

Recalling her lessons in class, Exsandrine with the help of another bystander did 30 compressions.

Exsandrine said, “I was literally crying inside. I didn’t want to show to people I was crying I just wanted them to know I’m here to help because no one knew what to do.”

The boy started breathing just as EMT’s arrived on scene.

She said she felt a sense of relief when the young boy began to start breathing again, “I was so relieved. I cried, I’m still emotional.”

Teacher Jack Paster was overwhelmed to know a student performed so well under pressure, “Exsandrine is the perfect example that when you teach something and they can use it, it’s excellent in this case it saved a life.”

One of the first things she did after the incident was reach out to her teacher sending him an email about the impact his lesson was already having on her life.

Exsandrine added, “I take classes, yes, I will need them for the future, but CPR should know or be certified in, you never know what can happen in the future.”

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