SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — The suspect is being identified as only Cesar N, but those who have lived next to him for years call him “El Mata Perros,” or “Dog Killer.”

Cesar N was in court Thursday in Mexico City to answer to animal cruelty charges.

At the time of his arrest, 27 dogs were rescued from his property in various stages of abandonment found throughout the property in Mexico City.

Neighbors have been calling him the “dog killer” for many years as it was reportedly widely known that he bred dogs to sell the meat in open markets and on the streets, according to the El Sol De Mexico newspaper.

People who knew him said they’ve been complaining about him for the better part of 10 years, but the police never did anything about it.

“He is very violent with everyone around here, he has around 30 dogs living in horrible conditions, the stench that comes from his house is insupportable maybe it’s because of all the dead little dogs which he stores away,” one of the neighbors told El Sol.

Others in the area shared similar stories.

“We’ve always known that the ‘dog killer’ bought puppies, or he would steal them, raise them and sell the meat, he would also kill dogs and feed the meat to the others,” another neighbor said.

On Wednesday, personnel from the Office of Environmental Crimes and Urban Protection, raided Cesar N’s property.

“During our veterinary screenings, we found many of the canines in deplorable conditions with various parasite problems and other lesions on their skin, animals lived without hygiene methods,” said a spokesperson.

Fourteen male dogs were found along with 13 females that were reportedly used for breeding. All the animals were taken to a temporary shelter for treatment and therapy.

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