Monkey attacks home depot worker


(WPTV) – A Florida Home Depot worker was bitten multiple times after a woman’s pet spider monkey escaped from her truck.

The monkey’s owner, Tina Ballard, told a deputy that she left her pet in her truck on a leash while she went inside Okeechobee store.

However, the spider monkey managed to escape the vehicle, attacking a female employee.

The worker, Marilyn Howard, said she was taking a break outside the store when she heard some of her coworkers yelling about a monkey.

She then spotted the spider monkey walking down the parking lot toward her with its leash still on.

“I reached down and she (the spider monkey) reached up and grabbed my hand, so gentle, so cute,” Howard recalled.

It then climbed on her and bit her twice on the back.

The monkey then climbed down off of her, and Howard was able to grab its leash again and started walking it to the front of the store.

When the store’s front door opened, Howard said the monkey got scared and attacked her again. This time she was bitten on the arm and hand, and also scratched on the left side of her face.

“I cried for the first 24 hours not going to lie, vanity, God forgive me,” she said. “But I’m getting over it. It will go away.”

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