Moose crashes into Colorado home


A moose has been relocated after crashing into a Colorado home Friday morning. 

Wildlife officials think the moose had been walking around the house in deep snow when it feel through a basement window. 

It’s quite the dinner conversation for Geneve Nguyen and family. Just hours earlier she saved her daughter Leo from a house-crashing moose, which fell through a window well and into her basement window.

“I just see this big figure and I hear lots of noise and I’m screaming, a lot.”

At 6 a.m. her daughter was asleep on the bed, Geneve on the phone. 

“I thought it was like a person for a second and then I thought it was a buffalo, I’m not from here. And so I think of lots of snow and Yellowstone Park, and I’m like, screaming, run out the door.”

The family quickly calls police, who call Colorado Parks and Wildlife who found a cow moose now in the next room. 

Using a jabstick CPW, Breckenridge Police, and the Red, White, and Blue Fire Protection District were able to tranquilize the moose, move her to a trailer, and relocate her to Grand County. 

“She has little scratches here, and I nicked myself.”

Leo, who just celebrated her first birthday, did cut her forehead when the window shattered. And while the wound will heal, the story of how mom saved her from a moose will be the topic of dinner conversations for a lifetime.

“There’s bears, there’s — a long time ago there used to be cougar where I grew up, but, not a moose.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommend homeowners put grates over below-grade window wells to prevent wildlife from falling inside. 

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