“My brother comes home” – Soldier’s remains found


 After a nearly seven-decade wait, Mary Bowlin has the closure she has prayed for since December 2, 1950.

 That’s the day her brother, U.S. Army Private Joe Stanton Elmore was killed in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War and listed as missing in action. 

 “I was 15 when he was missing so it’s been a lifetime, and I thank God for this. I’ve cried, and all these years I’ve prayed for him to be found before I go,” she says.

 The army found Elmore’s remains five years ago. Bowlin and her now deceased sister had already provided a DNA sample to the military in the 1990s with the hopes of bringing their brother home. Bowlin learned Thursday that the DNA she and her sister provided all those years ago was a match to the remains that the army had located.

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