Porch Pirates: How to protect your packages


Packages from the holiday shopping frenzy are already arriving on doorsteps, but those deliveries don’t always end up in the right hands.

 Luckily, there’s new technology to prevent those so-called porch pirates from hitting your home. 

 “Amazon is doing a lot of the heavy lifting as far as coming up with interesting ways to keep packages safe,” says Dan Ackerman with CNET. 

 The e-commerce giant is now offering its Amazon Key service in select markets. The kit comes with a smart lock and camera system, and allows carriers to drop off packages inside of your home or car. 

 “A lot of people are uncomfortable with concept, and I don’t blame them,” Ackerman says.

 Something that might be more inside of consumers’ comfort zone: Amazon Lockers. The self-service delivery site offers a secure place for customers to pick up and return their packages. Amazon Lockers are currently offered in 900 cities across the country, and they’re typically located near apartment buildings, grocery stores and gas stations. 

 If you don’t want to drive, BoxLock will bring the locker to you. The smart padlock allows carriers to secure packages in a container outside of your home or business. 

 You can also keep an eye on deliveries with a cloud camera such as the Bink, or use a smart doorbell like the Ring, which comes with a camera that links to your phone.

 “if someone comes up to your door your porch and rings doorbell or knocks on door just to see if anyone is home before they take your package, even if you’re not there, you can respond to them as if you’re in the house,” Ackerman says.

 The bottom line: track your package before a scammer does it for you. The United States Postal Service’s Informed Delivery feature helps keep track of your packages, and provides delivery instructions from your carrier. 

 Read more: https://cnet.co/2rfOkNL

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