Puppy Love: Salvation through rescue dogs


At Marley’s Mutts in Kern County, California, dogs with heart-breaking stories are given a second chance.

 Zach Skow is the man behind the mission. He says rescue dogs helped pull him up from rock bottom in 2008, when he was suicidal and struggling with addiction. 

 “I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease given 90 days to live without a transplant,” said Skow.

 Now, Marley’s Mutts has grown to an international reach. Skow hopes his story will encourage more people to adopt pets, instead of buying them. 

 “At the end of the day, you’ve saved another animal’s life. That dog wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for you, and that kind of bond, that kind of relationship is very powerful; very impactful,” said Skow. 

 You can adopt your own furry friend for Clear the Shelters on August 18th. The event is a partnership with NBC stations and shelters across the country.

 You can also support Marley’s Mutts by clicking here: http://bit.ly/2w9Z8Po

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