HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Many of western Massachusetts’ senior citizens have spent their entire lives following events during the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II. The longtime British Monarch was on the minds of many at the Holyoke Senior Center Friday.

The Queen’s 70 year reign fits snugly into the ongoing life span of men and women in their sixties, seventies, and eighties. They’ve had a lot of time to come to know the late British Monarch. Members of the Holyoke Senior Center have come away with many opinions about Queen Elizabeth II that rival the affection the British held for her.

Linda Fecessarini of Holyoke said, “I’m so sorry to hear the Queen passed on. My friends and family are all in mourning. She was a lovely, classy lady who you would look up to, and you were proud to have her as your Queen.”

Each member of the Holyoke Senior Center 22News spoke with had apparently taken on interest in the life of Elizabeth, to the point where they shared a common view of her character and her caring.

“She was a beautiful woman, she was a people’s person, and she will be well missed. She did everything in her life that she wanted to do right up to the end,” expressed Dottie Quennville of Holyoke.

The legacy of Queen Elizabeth has spanned the Atlantic ocean intact. Admirers here in western Massachusetts deeply affected by the Queen’s death, just as they’ve been impressed over the years with what Britain’s longest reigning Queen has been able to project as a person.