Rescued ‘roo on the mend


A young kangaroo is recovering from surgery after severely injuring his leg last month.

 Owners Christine and Bob Dobratz said 2-year-old ‘Tazz,’ got his leg trapped under the 2 x 4 of a ramp on their Kelso, Washington property. He tore several ligaments and tendons in his right hind leg.

 “I lost it,” Christine said. “I physically lost it, mentally lost it.”

 A local vet offered a grim prognosis.

 “They said that I’d probably have to euthanize Tazz, that it would be the best, humane thing to do,” Christine said.

 But vets at Oregon State University took a chance on Tazz. They performed an operation that put his torn leg back together.

 “Everybody down at OSU is amazing,” Christine said. “They sealed him up and put a cast on and said, ‘say a prayer,’ and I was saying prayers already!”

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