Senate tackles Facebook meddling


(NBC News) – Fake, divisive Facebook profiles and social media posts were the target of a hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, as the Senate tries to stop Russia and other countries from meddling in the upcoming midterm elections.

On Tuesday Facebook revealed they discovered fake pages with a quarter of a million people following that were part of a covert effort to pit American voters against each other.

“We have to find a means, not only of identifying these efforts but countering them as well,” said Senator Susan Collins.

At a hearing Wednesday on foreign efforts to influence social media, lawmakers criticized Facebook and other companies for not doing more.

“This issue goes far beyond elections. We’re fighting for the integrity of our society,” said Senator Richard Burr.

It’s a problem that may be even worse than Facebook publicly revealed.

NBC News uncovered deleted pages that went even deeper to stoke racial tension, often targeting African American and Hispanic communities, and cyber experts say it is just a fraction of the attacks ramping up on all platforms. 

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