Skating rink turns away service dog


A Georgia woman says her family was humiliated after they were kicked out of a skating rink for bringing a service dog.

Maggie Leptrone, 21, said she went to Center Ice in Sandy Springs with her family and service dog, Mona. She said a manager asked her family to leave because no pets were allowed – but Mona is a service animal and has a legal right to be there. Under the law, service dogs are considered “medical equipment” and Mona is vital to Maggie’s health.

“What could he have possibly thought Mona was doing? She is calm, she’s gentle. Her alert is (to paw) at me, it’s not causing a scene,” Maggie said. “That’s the whole point on Mona. You’re not supposed to know she’s there.”

Maggie has diabetes and Mona alerts her when her sugar levels get too low or too high. She said Mona is a lifesaver – literally. She helped save Maggie after a terrifying incident when she wouldn’t wake up during a diabetic emergency.

Mona is vital to Maggie’s life and the two cannot be apart, which makes the incident at the skating rink hard for Maggie’s mom, Deb, to understand.

“My daughter had had enough. She was embarrassed, she was angry, she was hurt,” Deb said. “And by that point, the day had been ruined.”

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