Spiders have been multiplying like crazy and now they’re looking to get warm


(WKBN) – Colder temperatures may push some unwanted pests to find warmth in your home. We’ve had a number of calls to our newsroom about spiders so we found the best ways to keep them out.

You’re not imagining things — spiders are out in full swing this season.

The pros at Grace Exterminating said spiders hate the cold.

“The hot, humid weather has actually made them a lot more aggressive and they’re coming out of the woodworks,” said Matt Lloyd, exterminating supervisor.

It’s also mating season. The professionals at Grace said it’s not just one kind of spider either.

“Right now, we’re seeing a lot of jumping spiders, trapdoor spiders. Always cellar spiders, cobweb spiders,” Lloyd said.

But what makes this year different? Lloyd said it’s because of the weather.

“That’s what’s bringing them in, too, is because it’s been so humid. They are just multiplying like crazy.”

Spiders like clutter and moisture — that’s why they’re commonly seen in basements.

Lloyd said there are some things you can do now to prevent seeing them, including getting rid of clutter in your house and using a dehumidifier in your basement.

“Definitely taking the humid air out of your basement helps quite a bit.”

You can also use natural deterrents like vinegar and, of course, you can call the pros. Lloyd said spiders are pretty fragile.

“A lot of our pesticides really wipe them out fast.”

While seeing them may make your skin crawl, at the end of the day, most spiders are fairly harmless.

“They’re not very dangerous at all,” Lloyd said. “They usually don’t want anything to do with you, honestly.”

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