Squatter takes over family’s apartment


A family in Grand Forks, North Dakota came home from Christmas break to find dirty dishes in their sink, used cigarettes on their floors, and a homeless man sleeping on their couch.

 “All I kept thinking was how can one person do that all in a day. They had our entire counters full of open food and just trash everywhere. There was broken plates on the floor,” says Kaitleyn Schreiner.

 The man ate more than $200 worth of food and trashed their entire apartment, leaving behind dirty dishes, cigarette butts, messed up bedding and dirty laundry.

 “All of a sudden we were up until 5:00 a.m. scrubbing all of our counters and all of our floors and our couches and all of our furniture and everything. It’s really devastating,” says Schriener.

 Schriener says the whole thing was very scary because she has no idea how this man got into their home.
 The apartment complex was locked, along with her apartment door.

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