(WBIR) – For her 71st birthday, Nan Scott threw herself a party and got some new knees.

“And we all drank a margarita to stem cells,” Scott says.

Instead of a traditional knee replacement surgery, she chose to try stem cell injections.

“I don’t want to be taking drugs,” Scott says. “I don’t want to have a lot of contraptions in my body. I want my own body to repair itself.”

The alternative to hip and knee replacement surgeries is not yet FDA approved, but it’s still attracting patients.

“Stem cells are the body’s master cells,” explains Dr. Charlotte MacDonald. “They are found in various tissues and they have the ability to take on the properties of other cells.”

MacDonald’s Knoxville, Tennessee clinic administers the stem cell injections.

That clinic uses umbilical stem cells donated at hospitals from live C-section births.

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