Teacher corrects Trump’s letter


A retired English teacher is grabbing headlines after correcting an official letter from the White House. 

 It all started when Yvonne Mason wrote a letter to the President asking him to meet with all the families of the Parkland, Florida school shooting victims individually.

 “It was an emotional letter, and that was emotional for me,” she explained.

 Mason got a letter back from the White House. But what she saw when she read it made her pull out her highlighter and an ink pen.

 “Wait a minute – why are all these things capitalized? That’s just not correct,” Mason remembered thinking.

 She went line by line through the letter, making corrections as she read it. 

 She then returned the corrected letter.

 “I did send it back and said, ‘You are not serving your administration well by continuing to send this correspondence,'” Mason stated.

 After a photo of her corrections to the letter went viral online, Mason said she started getting flooded by nasty messages and comments on her Facebook page.

 “There have been some extremely vitriolic comments, and there seems to be a lot of anger directed at me because they thought I was disrespectful to the president, that I was making fun of him. That I called attention to make fun of him,” she explained. “Well, maybe. But it’s a letter. And it’s my letter to do with what I wanted to do.”

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