Tech Resolutions: Protect your data


Your data was probably stolen in 2018.

 Billions were affected by breaches and cyber-attacks last year, resulting in millions of dollars in losses.

 Experts say now more than ever, it’s important to make a digital security check-in an annual habit.

 Start by updating software on mobile devices and computers, which often include security patches.

 Use long and strong passwords and a change them often.

 According to Digital Guardian, almost half of adults still reuse passwords across multiple sites.

 “You can’t do that!” warns CyberScout’s Adam Levin, “And because people can’t remember, get a password manager.”

 Tighten security settings on accounts and apps. Often the default settings aren’t the most secure, and avoid oversharing online.

 “It’s too easy to get answers to security questions by simply going on social media sites and reading up on anybody that could be potential target,” Levin notes.

 Make sure all data is backed up in a secure place such as a hard drive, and take advantage of free credit freezes and reports.

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