Thanksgiving Shopping: Checking out with speed


Supermarkets are offering a plethora of ways to get your groceries…so what’s the fastest way to get your Thanksgiving staples?

 We hit the isles at Walmart, gathering eight Thanksgiving essentials and searching for the fastest way to check out.

 After finding all of the items on the list, we headed to self-checkout to start scanning. An issue with one of the barcodes required help from the attendant. Still, checkout came in 
 Less than three minutes.

 Then we tried the traditional cashier, who quickly scanned and bagged our items. At just under two minutes, it was surprisingly faster than self-checkout.

 Next up was Walmart’s new “Check Out With Me” option.

 An associate uses a portable device to ring up items and process payment, but can’t ring up any produce that needs to be weighed.

 There are limitations, but the whole process only took about a minute, making it the fastest in-store option.

 In the end, we spent most of our shopping trip shopping, nearly 15 minutes.

 To save the most time, order online and let someone else shop for you. Then all you have to do is pick it up.

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