That’s not Santa! – Snake slithers down chimney


On a list of things you would expect to find in your fireplace, a large snake typically isn’t one of them, but that’s exactly what one Texas man found.

 Just after 2:30 in the morning on July 7th, Gary David Antley was finishing up some paperwork when he heard a loud “clunk” and he went to investigate.

 “And I go from mild mannered just passing through, I pass up the panic stage and I go clean to ‘oh God what do I do!?’,” said Antley.

 To his surprise, a large Texas rat snake dropped down his chimney for a visit.

 Antley grabbed some barbeque tongs and his daughter set up the camera.

 “I just gritted my teeth and I went for it, went in there and grabbed him by the neck,” said Antley. “Well nothing too bad happened and then he got tangled up in the fire curtain.”

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