The growing buzz over CBD


The three initials “C-B-D” are showing up in a growing number of products, from oils to creams to pet treats.

 Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in cannabis, is getting a lot of buzz, without getting users high.

 Thought to have medicinal properties, CBD products from skin care to sodas are flying off store shelves

 The food and beverage space is one of the biggest sectors of growth, especially at CBD cafes offering one of their most popular items: CBD-infused coffee.

 The CBD market saw an 89-percent growth in 2018, according to market research firm Brightfield Group.

 Sales are expected to soar even higher after the farm bill legalized hemp late last year.

 “We expect the CBD market to hit $22 billion by 2022, which will exceed the marijuana market,” says the Brightfield Group’s Bethany Gomez.

 Regulation is still a gray area.

 “It says that it cures this or prevents that, none of those things have been proven,” warns Geoff Whaling of the National Hemp Association.

 Tests also showed some CBD products did not contain the levels of cannabidiol claimed by the labeling.

 “Make sure that the product has been third party lab tested so that you are actually getting a product that will contain what the bottle says it is,” Whaling advises.

 Only one CBD medication has been approved by the FDA. It’s called Epidiolex, and is used as a treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy.

 It’s also a good idea to check with your doctor before adding CBD to your routine, as it can interact with some prescription drugs.

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