Toxic feed eyed in cattle deaths


More than a dozen cattle deaths in Polk County, Florida may be linked to toxic feed.

 Gary York says his cow died after eating Purina Producer’s Pride Cattle Cubes that he bought from a Tractor Supply store.

 The feed is now under a recall, and officials are working to determine if there is a connection.

 York says several of his cattle became sick within hours of eating the feed. 

 “They were having trouble standing up, it was like they were intoxicated,” he says.

 “They were really unsteady on their feet, and then they just started displaying signs of seizures and muscle tremors,” said Dr. LuJean Waters, a Veterinarian with Heartland Large Animal Services.

 Within a few hours, one of York’s cattle, a mother who had just given birth days before, was dead.

 The other cattle pulled through and were back to normal within days. 

 Dozens more cases have been reported across the state.

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