Typographical error sends NY woman down real-estate rabbit hole


KEESEVILLE, NY (WFFF) – A North Country woman wants action after a home she owns was mistakenly put up for auction because of a typographical error.

The auction has been canceled, but Christina Dominy says she’s still living with someone else’s mistake.

“This needs to be fixed,” Dominy said. “It’s all over the internet. My price of my home, the value has dropped. I can’t get a tenant to come look at the house because, ”Hey, it’s in foreclosure, you don’t own a home, why are you selling it, why are you renting it?'” 

It started Friday when Dominy learned from a tenant that an ad in the Plattsburgh Press Republican reported the rental property she owns at 6 Cedar Court in Keesville was in foreclosure.

Dominy, who lives in Peru, New York, recalls thinking, “Ok, well something’s not right.”

She got on the phone, but found out many offices were closed ahead of the weekend. Eventually, she got through to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which was involved in the loan connected to the foreclosure.

Someone from the USDA returned her call and left a voicemail, saying that the auction had been canceled — and why.

“I am calling you to let you know that your house is not in foreclosure right at the moment. It was a typo for a house that is in foreclosure. It should have been 61 Cedar Court in Keeseville,” said the message.

Turns out the error was made by someone at Overton, Russell, Doerr and Donovan LLP, the Saratoga County law firm that was handling the 61 Cedar Court foreclosure.

Dominy said the 1 had dropped from 61 in at least 30 other documents handled by the firm..

“I was sent a notice [from the law firm] saying that they were going to send Zillow and Trulia letters saying that my house wasn’t truly in foreclosure, but they could not guarantee whether it was actually going to do anything,” said Dominy.

And in fact, on Thursday, the 6 Cedar Court property was still listed as a foreclosure on Trulia.com.

Tom Spina, civil chief for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York, said Dominy’s house was never at risk of being sold at auction.

“It’s unfortunate and the firm acknowledged the mistake and they communicated that to her and let her know the steps that were taken,” he said.

But Dominy isn’t satisfied. “I could understand one time being an error. I’m an understanding person but 30 times? And the house getting to auction?” she said.

On Thursday, she says she had appointments for four potential tenants.

Only one showed up.

“I’ve had plenty of other cancellations because I will get a message back that says I see your house is in foreclosure, that’s not going to work for us,” she said.

Overton, Russell, Doerr and Donovan LLP did not respond to requests for comment. 

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