A high school student in Nevada is dead after playing a deadly game of chance.

Police in Henderson police are hoping more witnesses come forward in the shooting death of the teen.

An arrest report shows 17-year-old Matthew Minkler was shot in the face during a modified game of Russian Roulette, where only 16-year-old Jaiden Caruso held the gun and pulled the trigger.

“It just seems very macabre and morbid and something you don’t see with juveniles,” Scott Williams of Henderson Police said.

Caruso even bragged about it on social media, posting videos while Matthew was still bleeding on the floor, police said.

Hours later, before Caruso and 16-year-old Kody Harlan were picked up for recklessly driving a stolen car, police say they admitted to going back to the house to clean up the blood and to dragging Matthew’s body downstairs and into a closet.

The teens also stole Matthew’s wallet, swiping 300 dollars for drugs and new shoes for Caruso. According to the report, blood had stained his other pair.

“This is true, real heinous acts committed by people that seem to show no remorse or callus for this,” Williams said.

Police say other teens may have witnessed the murder first-hand or saw it on social media.

“One of the concerning things about this case is that there were witnesses to this homicide, yet, they haven’t come forward or they haven’t told their parents,” Williams said.

Meanwhile, condolences are pouring into a GoFundMe account for Matthew’s family.