Volunteers offer helping hand to fire victims


Crews continue to scour Northern California in search of the hundreds of people missing after the Camp fire.

 The official death toll is 77, but that figure may rise. More than 1,000 more are listed as missing.

 About 60 percent of the fire is contained, and firefighters are busy dousing hot spots near habitated areas.

 Thousands of homes were destroyed by the fire.

 Many survivors lost nearly everything.

 “No one knows what to do,” says evacuee Jeremy Bettazzi. “We’re all living minute by minute out here.”

 Some evacuees created a makeshift camp near a Walmart. They have been advised to move on.

 An army of volunteers is working to provide help.

 Trina Reed and Ronnie Maselli drove from Oakland to Chico to hand out personal items.

 “Two weeks go these people had their lives and were going about their days everyday normal activities just like we were and they need help,” Maselli says. 

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