Warning issued after snakes found inside pool noodle in Arizona


We’re told that family was getting ready to take a dip. They grabbed two noodles that were up against a wall. That’s when a big snake popped out of one of them and they found several babies inside.

They’re our fast-moving fellow residents in the Valley.

Making their way through the desert and sometimes into backyards.

“It’s ungodly hot out – and snakes are just looking for somewhere to hide”

Greyson Getty’s wrangled hundreds of them as a relocator with Rattlesnake Solutions.

He’s come across snakes in pool toys before, though never in a noodle.

Still, he’s not surprised.

“They’re dehydrated – they haven’t had a meal – and there’s a damp pool noodle in a dry desert – if I was a snake and I was dehydrated, I would go to the pool noodle too.”

Generally speaking he says snakes like dark areas especially corners.

For them, a random stack of stuff can be their paradise, and your nightmare.

“Anything that a snake or a rodent or a big can hide under – try to eliminate it. Try to keep everything neat and tidy.”

If you can, he says, you should keep your pool toys up high in the garage or in a closeable plastic container.

Somewhere they can’t slither to and make your home theirs.

“The best thing you can do to prevent snakes – is prevent snakes. So prevent their food, prevent their water, and prevent them from even being able to getting in.”

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