“We are dying on your watch”


Students in Texas put out a full page ad in “The Houston Chronicle” asking for gun control Tuesday.

 Forty students signed a letter saying “We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, but without policy change, this crisis will not end…We are dying on your watch. What will you do about it?”

 But in Santa Fe, any solution comes too late, as students relive the moments that changed their community.

 Isabelle Laymance and eight other students barricaded themselves in an art supply closet.

 “He said ‘Woohoo!’. He just like screamed it kind of, shouted it. And, he came back into my classroom and I’m guessing he heard us in there, because some of us were talking, we were trying to shush everyone and he came up to the window,” said student Isabelle Laymance.

 Through the window, the gunman fired again.

 According to investigators, school resource officers cornered 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis in the art room and after 25 minutes of negotiations, the teenager surrendered.

 Pagourtzis is on suicide watch and being held without bond on capital murder charges.

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