Woman delivers her own baby on way to hospital


A California woman took matters into her own hands–literally–when she realized she was about to give birth in a car en route to the hospital.

“Once my water broke, it was like boom,” Morgan Garcia said. “It all happened so fast.”

In an instant, Garcia went from being in labor to delivering her own son.

Garcia was in the passenger seat.

Her boyfriend Josh Schaeffer was at the wheel racing down The 154.

“We were going around a turn, and she screamed for a solid 5 seconds straight, and I looked over and I see the baby’s head sticking out while I’m still driving,” Schaeffer said. “I’m looking for a place to pull over and before I could find a place, she pulled him out and was holding him.”

“I didn’t really have to push much,” Garcia added. “He just came out and I just grabbed him.”

Schaeffer pulled into a turnout and called 911.

The dispatcher guided him through the next steps.

“Told me I need to find a string to tie the umbilical cord, but I didn’t have anything,” Schaeffer said. “So, I went to the diaper bag and ripped apart one of her bras until I got the elastic part around here, and then I tied it around the umbilical cord.”

Schaeffer was also instructed to wipe the baby’s eyes and mouth and keep the baby warm until help arrived.

Garcia says Schaeffer stayed calm the entire time.

“I just didn’t want to freak out because she was obviously freaking out because she just pulled a baby out of her,” Schaeffer said.

The California Highway Patrol and ambulance arrived within 5 minutes.

The baby boy was doing well.

“I was panicking because it felt like forever before he started crying,” Garcia said. “His skin was a little purple, but he was fine. He came out really healthy.”

The couple now has an amazing birth story to tell and the perfect name for their 7-pound bundle of joy.

“Ryder…he was born on the ride,” Schaeffer said.

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