SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – One Springfield kid is making a difference by selling baseball cards. Brady Kahle has been selling his prized baseball cards to help raise money for kids with cancer.

Kahle told 22News, “I just had a lot of baseball cards and I wanted to help them out.”

Jim Kahle, Brady’s grandfather, said, “If you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t you’re wasting your time we use that as our family motto.”

That motto helped Kahle create a charity organization called ‘cards for a cause.’ While it’s sometimes difficult to part with some of the sports memorabilia, and cards with significant value, Kahle is making sure the money he raises is helping to make a difference.

Brady’s mother, Jessie added, “He has just shown the selflessness of ‘it’s just things’ I love them but they are just things and I can help somebody.”

Kahle has been collecting baseball cards since he was 3 years old. Last year he decided to start selling cards to help two of his friends who are battling cancer.

Peter Manzi was diagnosed with Leukemia back in December of 2015, and Landen Palatino was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer and had brain surgery to remove a grade four tumor.

Cards for a cause is helping the families pay their medical bills and it’s a cause that has gotten worldwide attention and assistance.

Jim continued to say, “It’s gone around the world we’ve had donations from France, Mexico, Canada.”

Jessie went onto say, “50% off the stuff has been donated to Brady, so many kind people have reached out to us to help Brady help these boys.”

Kahle has raised more than $13,000 since February of 2016.

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