Report It!

Good reporting is the result of in-depth investigating and the constant pursuit of the truth. It is also the product of great tips, photos and information from our viewers. If you see it happen….ReportIt! Use the form below to submit your photos, images, documents and more! Feel free to provide your name and number or stay anonymous by leaving these fields blank. You can also send us an email to or contact the 22News newsroom directly by calling 413-377-1160.

  • Stay Safe! Don’t ever put yourself in danger to capture photos or video of an event.
  • Don’t text, shoot photos or video while driving.
  • Make sure you hold your camera in the horizontal position. Vertical pictures/video are hard to display on television.
  • Follow any instructions given by emergency officials.
  • To contact the 22News newsroom directly, call 413-377-1160.