2018 American Canadian Tour/Thunder Road Speedbowl season preview


The American Canadian Tour will kick off their 2018 season on Sunday at Thunder Road Speedbowl in Barre, VT. Last season, the track was purchased by Cris Michaud and Pat Malone and in November they purchased the American Canadian Tour.  Michaud told 22News that the purchase of the American Canadian Tour has gone pretty well and its been well received.  

” Obviously its a lot of office work during the winter. You know scheduling races going over the rules stuff like that. ACT kind of took care of Thunder Road rules and stuff like that.  Its been received well.” Michaud Said

Some of the American Canadian Tour races are going to pay $5,000 to win. A couple reasons why they did it was some of the drivers that don’t want to run the full season, it will give them three races and something to shoot for. 

” The last couple years the guys have been racing for what they have been racing for. Kind of built some excitement in the tour again. Really looking forward to it. That has been well received and we have plenty of guys that are capable. We put it on three different size tracks. We have guys that are capable of winning all three.” Michaud Said

Michaud’s and Malone’s vision is to grow it a little bit each year. They would like to get it to where it used to be. 

” It seems every race you went to, there were a ton of cars and a ton of interest. We’re on a three-year plan. We’re looking at everything this winter to see what we believe and speaking to some key people that are within  ACT to see what we can do to grow it.” 

Michaud told 22News that he felt all the races at Loudon were spectacular except for the last one. 

” I don’t care what series you are. You always have at least one bad race throughout the summer.” Michaud Said

Michaud did speak to New Hampshire Motor Speedway General Manager David McGrath and they are planning to explore all opportunities. 

” He’s a great guy. It’s a great facility. It’s a great place to showcase the talented drivers and the ACT Series. What better place to showcase it.” Michaud Said

Michaud told 22News what makes the American Canadian Tour so competitive is the rules package that founder Tom Curley put together. 

” Tom (Curley) worked hard on this. I wondered every winter when I stopped in his office or up to his house and shoot the bull with him. It would be the middle of January and he still is working like a dog and I was like does this ever stop and he’s like nope and I know why because of the rules package that he has put together. I think we have some great racers and you gotta give our racers credit. We have some really strong race teams out there. For the most part, our drivers respect each other. They know how each other works and they aren’t a slam-bam. If they are on the outside of them, they are going to give them room. They race hard and I think that’s a big part of it too.” Michaud Said 

Tom Curley worked in the sport for four decades where he built a legacy in the short track industry with the American Canadian Tour.  Michaud believes him and Malone are hard on themselves because of what Tom Curley and Ken Squier did. 

” We’re pretty motivated anyways. I think this just extra motivation that we want to continue what they built on and if there is anyway, we want to make it better. Don’t get me wrong, their big shoes to fill but I think it gives us extra motivation to make sure in their legacy continues on and grows.” Michaud Said

The American Canadian Tour will visit tracks all over the region.  

Thunder Road Speedbowl schedule will pretty much stay the same. One of thing in the past was Tom Curley tried to do a Sunday regular points race. The plan for this year after the first points race which will be held on Memorial Day Weekend. The track will hold an event on Friday night, June 8.  Michaud told 22News that when they look at other schedules that it didn’t conflict with any of the local tracks in the region. 

” I think it will be a good deal. I want to see what it looks like.” Michaud Said 

Another key addition to the schedule this season is there will now be racing on Friday night of Milk Bowl weekend. The track added the Pro All Star Series North Super Late Models. along with the North East Mini Stock Tour and the Street Stock Showdown Series. The Milk Bowl is always a prestigious event.  At the end of the Late Model race, the winner kisses a cow in victory lane. 

The Pro All Star Series will be apart of the Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic coming up on Sunday, May 27. 

The 39th annual Governor’s Cup will return on Thursday night, July 19.  The Coca-Cola Labor Day 200 will return on Sunday, September 2. 

The Community Bank 150 will kick off at Thunder Road Speedbowl on Sunday will qualifying beginning at 1:30 p.m. 

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