Cabral wins 2018 NEMA Midgets Championship


Randy Cabral took down the 2018 NEMA Midgets championship for Bertrand Motorsports. Cabral told 22News that this season was a really good season. He headed into this season, not concern about winning the championship.  Everything fell into place and the season was going very well. 

” Jim Chambers had a dream season. I was just still a tick better.” Said Cabral 

Cabral and team owner Tim Bertrand have been racing together for years. The driver and owner have a great chemistry over the years of winning races and championships. 

” No matter what equipment you’re in or what cars you’re in or who you’re dealing with. You need to have that. With me and Tim, we communicate very well. We get along very well and it’s not really about the racing. It’s a personal friendship. He respects me. I respect him on a racing level. It was about 2007 when me and him had a little argument  After that, it went smooth and we won a pile of races. ” Said, Cabral, 

Cabral told 22News what makes racing fun is when you’re getting different people from different calibers with NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour drivers Doug Coby and Justin Bonsignore coming in and racing in the NEMA Midgets along with Keith Rocco. 

” When you’re getting all those guys in there to race against. It’s awesome. We have a good field of cars and a really good field of people that sometimes get underestimated. We really have good competition right now. People will say things like oh Bertrand wins all the races but we bring a lot of cars with us so it’s different people that are winning all the time granted it might be Bertrand Motorsports. Every car is housed in a different place. 74 is housed in our garage. The 39 is housed at Motor Cars International. The 47 and the 1 are at Tim’s house and the 48 is at Todd’s house so even though we’re all apart of Bertrand.  We’re all different. We’re all a team but we’re all a different team. We have good competition.” Said Cabral 

Cabral clinched the 2018 NEMA Midgets championship at the Sunoco World Series of Racing at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park before the season finale at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. For Cabral, it was kind of nice because he believes honestly he has not done that before where he has had enough points to clinch before the last race of the season. It was the first time this past season he actually has done that. Cabral believes this is one of the best seasons he has ever had. 

The reason why Cabral wants to come back and defend his championship is he has won the last two championships in the NEMA Midgets. There have been a few people in the NEMA Midgets that have won three in a row that include Ben Seitz, Russ Stoehr, and Dave Humphreys. 

” That’s the only record that I can’t try to tie or break. I definitely would like to. My life is getting a little more hectic now. You never know what’s going to happen with missing races. Yeah, I would definitely probably say we’re going back and try to defend. Not that it would be the end of the world if we didn’t. The plan would definitely be to defend it.” Said Cabral

Cabral and Bertrand Motorsports were honored at the 2018 NEMA Awards Banquet in Westport, MA.  

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